Treatment Patterns and Outcomes for Patients with Unresectable Stage III and Metastatic Melanoma in the USA

Metastatic Melanoma


To describe treatment patterns and outcomes of patients with unresectable stage III and metastatic/stage IV melanoma.

Material and Methods

An observational retrospective chart review of patients diagnosed with advanced melanoma before 1 November 2015 who initiated a new line of therapy (LOT) from 1 January 2015 to 31 May 2016.


Among 487 patients, ipilimumab monotherapy (27.5%) was the most common first line of therapy (1LOT) in 2015, surpassed by nivolumab monotherapy (21.5%) in 2016. 12-month survival was ≥80.1%; proportions were highest forpatients treated with nivolumab + ipilimumab (86.6%). All treatments relatively well tolerated in real-world setting and adverse events were consistent with the previously reported safety profiles.


This study provides important insights into real-world advanced melanoma treatment patterns and demonstrates encouraging treatment safety and patient survival data.

AuthorsA Tarhini, C Atzinger, K Gupte-Singh, C Johnson, C Macahilig, S Rao
JournalJournal of Comparitive Effectiveness Research
Therapeutic AreaOncology
Service AreaReal-World Evidence
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