Walter Bouwmeester

Service Area
Real-World Evidence & Data Analytics
Senior Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Walter Bouwmeester is a Senior Research Consultant in the Rotterdam office, the Netherlands. Walter works within the Real-World Evidence and Data Analytics Center of Excellence. His main experience is the design of and statistical methodology for studies involving database (registry) analyses, chart reviews and post-hoc trial analyses for health economic modeling.

Walter’s key-interests are prognostic studies and intervention studies including comparative effectiveness assessments in real world data, (network) meta-analyses, matching adjusted indirect comparisons. His PhD studies included the investigation of methods for the development and validation of clinical prediction models in clustered (e.g. multicentre) data. Multilevel regression and Bayesian regression techniques were studied using simulation studies and empirical data. The efficiency of several bootstrap strategies was investigated for the validation of prediction models in clustered data. Required sample size was also estimated in simulation studies. His projects have covered a wide range of disease areas including hematology, infection diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory diseases and stroke. Walter holds a PhD degree in Epidemiology from the University of Utrecht.

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