Sven Klijn

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Senior Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sven Klijn is a Senior Research Consultant in the Rotterdam office, the Netherlands. Sven’s activities are primarily situated within the Modelling and Meta-Analyses Centre of Excellence, but also cover data analysis in the broadest sense. He enjoys translating technical project outcomes into clinically and strategically relevant messages that provide added value to clients and patients. Sven has experience with an extensive range of modelling techniques and has applied these techniques across a spectrum of models; from early economic models for exploration of phase II evidence to core models intended for submission to national authorities.

Sven’s skill set comprises command of a wide range of software and programming languages, such as Python, R, Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic. He has experience with working in various disease areas, from oncology including solid tumours and hematologic cancers, to psoriasis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, HIV, mental diseases, respiratory diseases, and childhood vaccines. Sven has published papers in both clinical and health-economic methodological journals, and has presented his work at ISPOR. Sven holds a cum laude Bachelor of Science degree in European Public Health, and a cum laude Master of Science degree in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management, both from Maastricht University, the Netherlands.