Susan Tempelaar

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Susan is working as a Research Consultant in the Modelling & Meta-Analysis department of Pharmerit International. She joined the York office (in the UK) in January 2014 and transferred to the Rotterdam office (in the Netherlands) in 2016. Her main expertise is in modelling; developing core models, conducting country adaptations and preparing models for reimbursement submissions. Besides that, Susan gained experience in reimbursement dossier writing for NICE, ZiN, SMC, AWMSG and NCPE.

She has worked on a variety of projects, including Markov modelling, partitioned survival analysis, cost-comparison analysis, (systematic) literature reviews, data collection and meta-analysis. Susan`s project work has covered many disease areas, including cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology, oncology, infectious diseases and dermatology. She has presented work at ISPOR Amsterdam (2014) and Milan (2015). Susan holds a Masters` degree in Biomedical Sciences (Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands), with a specific focus on Health Technology Assessment. She combined her Masters with a minor in consultancy.

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