Lisette Nientker

Service Area
Strategic Market Access
Associate Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Lisette Nientker is an Associate Research Consultant in the Rotterdam Office, The Netherlands. Lisette works within the Strategic Market Access Center of Excellence. As Associate Research Consultant, Lisette has experience with (systematic) literature reviews, knowledge books, pricing and reimbursement research, global value dossiers, objection handler development and PRO studies.

Disease areas she has worked in include oncology, neurological disorders, mental and behavioural disorders, inflammatory diseases and infectious diseases. In addition to her day-to-day project work, Lisette has worked on a research focusing on the comparison of time to reimbursement decision after EMA marketing approval for innovative pharmaceuticals in Europe (i.e. the UK, France and Germany). Additionally, she analysed the likelihood of acceptance of these innovative pharmaceuticals across Europe. The results of the research were presented at the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress, during one of the breakout sessions. Lisette holds a BSc degree in Healthcare Policy and Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2013) and MSc degree in Health Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2015).