Joris Kleintjens

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Senior Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Joris is a Senior Research Consultant in the Modeling & Meta-Analysis department of the Rotterdam office. He is an experienced health economist who lead many health economics, market access, and policy projects in Europe and the United States. He ensured broad market access for his clients by developing solid health economic models, network meta-analysis, as well as cost- and burden-of-illness studies. He also wrote compelling value propositions and dossiers (both national and global). Furthermore he engaged policy makers in encouraging rational healthcare decision making and investing in important public health issues.

The projects he managed included many disease areas, most notably cardiovascular, metabolic, neoplastic, autoimmune, and infectious diseases. Clients included pharmaceutical, medical device, biosimilar and vaccine companies. Joris understands that investment in innovation can only maintain for these companies when treatments are sufficiently rewarded. That is what drives the quality of his work. Joris holds two master degrees, one in health economics, policy & law, and one in medical biotechnology. Before joining Pharmerit he worked at other large consulting companies and most recently lead a family-owned business that provides educational software for children with dyslexia.

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