Candice Subero

Service Area
Marketing Director
Bethesda, United States

Candice Subero is the Marketing Director in Pharmerit’s Bethesda, MD office. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Marketing and Design from Columbia College and has 10+ years of global marketing experience working in healthcare.

Candice brings a wealth of skills ranging from content development, graphic and web design, data analytics tracking, marketing automation and workflow development through CRM systems, and global conference strategies. Candice has developed and launched several brand campaigns and implemented numerous digital and social media marketing campaigns to differentiate a company and make them stand out from the competition. Prior to joining Pharmerit, Candice worked as the Marketing Director for a global pharmaceutical company in nuclear medicine. Candice’s primary responsibility at Pharmerit is to communicate the brand value of Pharmerit and develop integrated marketing plans to support the brand values both internally to employees and externally to stakeholders.

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