Strategic Market Access

Delivering Evidence-Based Value for Market Access and Reimbursement

Our Strategic Market Access (SMA) team has the expertise to design relevant and impactful evidence-based strategies for the positioning of your product. Our consultants are experts in developing product value propositions, value dossiers, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions, evidence generation plans, value communication tools, and pricing and reimbursement strategies, and conducting strategic and systematic literature reviews. 

We offer a full range of market access services including: 

  • Crafting strategic and logical payer or stakeholder value propositions
  • Developing and testing evidence-based value messages to support the value propositions
  • Designing value summary slide decks and objection handlers
  • Developing global value dossiers (GVDs) which can be adapted to local/regional reimbursement dossiers
  • Compiling all relevant evidence highlighting product value in a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate HTA or formulary (AMCP) submission document to gain market access
  • Developing interactive evidence compendia
  • Conducting pricing and reimbursement / HTA landscape assessments
  • Performing evidence gap analysis and providing research recommendations
  • Developing market access strategies for product positioning
  • Providing insights for compelling payer evidence packages
  • Designing a payer SWOT analysis
  • Coordinating and facilitating payer advisory boards
  • Conducting in-depth payer interviews
  • Developing briefing books to inform advisors and/or to support (scientific) discussions with HTA authorities
  • Conducting workshops for product positioning and mock payer negotiations with global teams and country affiliates
  • Performing systematic literature reviews as per HTA requirements
  • Conducting targeted literature reviews to provide strategic insights on burden of illness, epidemiology, treatment landscape, unmet needs, or other topics
  • Conducting systematic literature review evaluating clinical evidence to assess network meta-analysis feasibility
  • Development and submission of manuscripts
  • Preparing abstracts and conference presentations
  • Developing white papers
  • Designing flash cards and other conference tools
  • Creating dashboards and interactive tools

Why Pharmerit?

  • High-quality deliverables meeting HTA requirements

  • Multidisciplinary, dedicated teams including senior team members and experienced clinicians working on value communication/dossier development

  • Experienced HEOR and clinical researchers with a strategic focus, who are able to combine and interpret burden of illness, treatment pathway, clinical and economic evidence in order to support a product’s value communication and reimbursement strategy

  • Partnering with clients on products and portfolios from clinical development, launch, and post-launch

  • Innovative solutions to present and communicate the value of your product by interactive tools to visualize and highlight findings


”We were looking for skills and resources to address our question for an indirect comparison/network meta-analysis. Pharmerit has successfully addressed our research needs. We already had positive experience in working with them as a preferred provider. Pharmerit provides clear and smooth communication, good staff capabilities and complies with project timelines.”

Associate Director, Health Economics, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Meet Our Strategic Market Access Team