Real-World Evidence

Customized Global Insights to Provide Real-World Value

Our Real-World Evidence (RWE) team leverages data from sources such as medical charts, administrative claims data, hospital data, registry data, and government databases to answer questions about disease epidemiology, burden, and costs. Our ‘data agnostic’ approach ensures that we will aim to find the best dataset to meet your study’s needs.

We design and execute studies that result in tailored, fit-for-purpose insights that demonstrate the real-world value of healthcare innovations and interventions. These data may also be used to populate and validate economic models, support strategic value messages, and integrate patient-reported outcomes (PROs) with other sources of data as appropriate.

The scope of the RWE team’s work includes, but is not limited to:

We extract and use data from healthcare claims to conduct epidemiological, treatment pattern, economic burden, and clinical outcomes research.

Types of analyses include:

  • Burden of illness
  • Epidemiology
  • Cost studies
  • Treatment patterns
  • Medication adherence and persistence
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Our chart review studies provide valuable information on topics such as disease epidemiology, treatment patterns, and survival and health outcomes
  • Our research has included hybrid studies that combine retrospective medical chart data collection with prospective patient and/or physician surveys
  • We lead study conceptualization and design; design study documents, including protocols and data collection instruments; develop and execute statistical analysis plans; and disseminate results in the form of reports and publications
  • We work with strategic partners around the world to implement studies and collect the data
  • We develop and conduct appropriate registry design and/or analysis to evaluate patient outcomes, rare events, healthcare access, and clinical effectiveness related to compliance
  • We have successfully conducted these studies in multiple disease areas in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and Latin America
  • We offer consultancies in early stages of clinical development by integrating health economics and PRO data into the clinical trial design
  • In addition, we collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry to analyze data from Phase II/III trials to evaluate a product’s efficacy, safety, and PROs

Why Pharmerit?

  • High-quality deliverables meeting HTA requirements

  • Multidisciplinary, dedicated teams including senior team members and experienced clinicians working on value communication/dossier development

  • Experienced HEOR and clinical researchers with a strategic focus, who are able to combine and interpret burden of illness, treatment pathway, clinical and economic evidence in order to support a product’s value communication and reimbursement strategy

  • Partnering with clients on products and portfolios from clinical development, launch, and post-launch

  • Innovative solutions to present and communicate the value of your product by interactive tools to visualize and highlight findings


“Pharmerit’s commitment and technical expertise are instrumental in delivering a particularly challenging project. I would not hesitate to work with them again”

Health Economist HEOR and Patient Access, Pharmerit Client

Meet Our Real-World Evidence Team

Real-World Evidence Publications

Deep Vein Thrombosis in Europe – Burden of Illness in Relationship to Healthcare Resource Utilization and Return to Work

Authors: LH Chuang, B van Hout, AT Cohen, PD Gumbs, S Kroep, R Bauersachs, AK Gitt, M Montreal, SN Willich, G Agnelli


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The Impact of Co-Morbidity on the Disease Burden of VTE

Authors: S Kroep, LH Chuang, A Cohen, P Gumbs, B van Hout, M Monreal, SN Willich, A Gitt, R Bauersachs, G Angelli


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Deep Vein Thrombosis in Europe—Health-Related Quality of Life and Mortality

Authors: M Montreal, G Agnelli, LH Chuang, AT Cohen, PD Gumbs, R Bauersachs, P Mismetti, AK Gitt, S Kroep, SN Willich, B van Hout


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Methodology of a Novel Risk Stratification Algorithm for Patients with Multiple Myeloma in the Relapsed Setting

Authors: W Bouwmeester; A Briggs; B van Hout; R Hajek; S Gonzalez-McQuire; M Campioni; L DeCosta; L Brozova


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