Modeling & Meta-Analysis

Simulating Outcomes Beyond Trials

Models & Meta-Analyses (MMA) are powerful tools for making comprehensive assessments of the costs and benefits of healthcare interventions beyond clinical trials. Health economic models provide vital information to inform allocation of available resources for maximizing health benefits. Meta-analyses are powerful tools for synthesizing multiple studies to improve the precision and relevance of clinical and health outcomes data.

Our models are designed to be user-friendly and easily adaptable. We use Excel-based interfaces, web-based dashboards in dedicated software, and detailed, transparent documentation of complex simulations to make our models accessible for the intended audience.

We offer a full range of MMA services, including:

  • Economic models to support reimbursement submissions around the world
  • Early models designed to inform commercial decision-making
  • Population-based dynamic transmission models
  • Global core models and country adaptations
  • Microsimulation of individual patient disease progression, treatment pathways, and outcomes
  • Simple calculators illustrating costs and outcomes
  • User-friendly graphical user interfaces
  • Nationally representative estimates of the budget impact to government payers
  • Models supporting economic value messages for AMCP dossiers
  • Graphical user interfaces and web-based applications for use in payer discussions
  • Systematic literature reviews and network meta-analyses to support economic modeling and HTA submissions
  • Clinical landscape and data comparability assessments
  • Indirect treatment comparisons of non-randomized data
  • Network meta-analysis and indirect treatment comparison of survival data
  • Meta-analysis of epidemiologic and other non-clinical data
  • Matching adjusted indirect comparisons
  • Simulated treatment comparisons
  • Survival analysis and extrapolation
  • Trial-based economic models

Why Pharmerit?

  • High-quality deliverables meeting HTA requirements

  • Multidisciplinary, dedicated teams including senior team members and experienced clinicians working on value communication/dossier development

  • Experienced HEOR and clinical researchers with a strategic focus, who are able to combine and interpret burden of illness, treatment pathway, clinical and economic evidence in order to support a product’s value communication and reimbursement strategy

  • Partnering with clients on products and portfolios from clinical development, launch, and post-launch

  • Innovative solutions to present and communicate the value of your product by interactive tools to visualize and highlight findings


”We were looking for skills and resources to address our question for an indirect comparison/network meta-analysis. Pharmerit has successfully addressed our research needs. We already had positive experience in working with them as a preferred provider. Pharmerit provides clear and smooth communication, good staff capabilities and complies with project timelines.”

Associate Director, Health Economics, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Meet Our Modeling & Meta-Analysis Team

Modeling & Meta-Analysis Publications

Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy and Safety of Lidocaine 700 mg Medicated Plaster vs. Pregabalin.

Authors: T Buksnys, N Armstrong, G Worthy, I Sabatschus, I Boesl, B Buchheister, SL Swift, C Noake, V Huertas Carrera, S Ryder, D Shah, H Liedgens, J Kleijnen


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Red Blood Cell Transfusion

Measuring Recovery in Opioid Use Disorder: Clinical Utility and Psychometric Properties of the Treatment Effectiveness Assessment.

Authors: W Ling, VR Nadipelli, C Solem, D Farabee, NA Ronquest, B Perrochet, SM Learned, CG Deshpande, C Heidbreder


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Uncertainty and Cures: Discontinuation, Irreversibility, and Outcomes-Based Payments: What Is Different About a One-Off Treatment?


Authors: Adrian Towse, MA, MPhil, Elisabeth Fenwick, PhD

Payers are concerned that one-off “cures” bring great uncertainty with the consequential risk of incorrect adoption decisions, and significant budget impact from large one-off payments....

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