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Drug survival of second DMARD therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Pharmerit contributes to a cohort analysis of second-line biological DMARD treatment.
Patient- and caregiver-reported outcome measures for iron chelation therapy
Pharmerit publishes qualitative cross-sectional observational study of patients requiring iron chelation therapy
Pharmerit Publishes Cost-Effectiveness Study of Evolocumab in Patients With High Cardiovascular Risk
A cost-effectiveness assessment from the Spanish National Health System perspective.
The Importance of Economic Perspective and Quantitative Approaches in Oncology Value Frameworks
Pharmerit publishes viewpoint on value frameworks in oncology drug selection
Pharmerit publishes 4-paper series about epidemiology and outcomes of IFI and MRSA in the Middle East
Medical chart review study provides important perspectives on burden of illness and treatment delays in the Africa/Middle East region.

 Latest news

Pharmerit publishes new study on costs of treating head and neck cancers in England
A cost-effectiveness assessment from the Spanish National Health System perspective.

 Our people

“It is very satisfying to work at
a place that truly values and
invests in the professional
growth of its staff„
“There is a lot of variety in the work
I do at Pharmerit, which challenges
me to develop myself in different
areas of diseases and different
aspects of health economics.„
“Working at Pharmerit is generating
the best evidence, taking into
account clients’ needs and best
research practices„
“The fun part is working on
a diverse array of projects
and understanding how
different bits fit together to
form a complete picture„

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Atlanta, GA (USA)15:00 - 15:00
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