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Adalimumab is cost effective in treating Spanish patients with non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis and elevated CRP and/or positive MRI.
In the first study examining pHF-W vs. CMF in an Asian country, Pharmerit, Nestlé Nutrition and affiliates found pHF-W to be a cost effective alternative for atopic dermatitis.
Guideline-recommended treatments for PHN are more effective vs. placebo. Additional evaluations for less common NeP conditions are required, despite published treatment guidelines.
Anastomotic leaks—one of the surgical complications following colorectal surgeries—are associated with significant economic burden in the United States, including significantly extended hospital stays and excess medical costs.
The risks of BSIs vary according to the type of parental nutrition provided. The safest approach, consisting of ready-to-use three-chamber bag (MCB), was also shown to be essentially cost neutral.
For oral medications with restrictions, understanding physician and patient knowledge gaps is critical to ensuring patients receive appropriate medication directions.
​BETHESDA, MD, USA. April 2, 2014 -- Pharmerit International is pleased to announce the recent publication of a research paper conducted by Pharmerit International authors Caitlyn Solem
Pharmerit-coauthored systematic literature review reveals important gaps in the definition, measurement, prevalence, outcomes, and risk factors of non-adherence to BCR-ABL inhibitors in leukemia.
Clinical Therapeutics published study on systolic blood pressure, in which Phamerit made a significant contribution.
The Journal of Medical Decision Making will feature a Pharmerit study on modelling individual components of a combined endpoint.
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